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Kairos is a ministry which operates through volunteers taking Christ’s love into Prisons.

Kairos, having been birthed out of Emmaus, is not surprisingly structured and presented in a very similar manner.

However, unlike Emmaus which targets people mature in their faith, Kairos endeavours to bring to Faith those who are incarcerated within the South African Correctional Services facilities.

Hence the target participant is not selected for faith reasons alone but rather for their current level of negative influence they may have within the facility in which they are housed. The rationale being, that if you can bring to Christian faith these individuals, then the potential for change, through a cascade effect within their sphere of influence is significant.

Kairos can thus be considered a short course in the Christian faith.

As at Emmaus walks, Kairos participants sit at Family tables and listen to structured talks followed by discussion and group activity. This is interspersed with Chapel visits, and there is opportunity for each resident to meet one-on-one with an ordained clergy person for counselling.

As in Emmaus there is a great focus on music which is used to break down barriers and to encourage participation. There is therefore a need for musicians within the inside team.

An ‘inside team’ of 32 is assisted by a support team who provide the necessary prayer coverage and logistical requirements of providing meals for the participants and inside team throughout the weekend as well as preparing the agape material.

A full complement of 50 volunteers, (32 inside and the balance on support team), reach out in love to 42 residents.

Kairos is an ecumenical organization and volunteers from all Christian denominations are encouraged to participate.

Outreach weekends are gender specific for the inside team, thus only men will participate as volunteers on inside team for an outreach into a men’s facility and similarly only women on an outreach into a women’s facility.

The support team comprises men and women.

The Kairos weekend commences on a Thursday afternoon and concludes on Sunday afternoon with a closing ceremony which is similar to that of an Emmaus walk.

This closing ceremony is open to all over the age of 18, irrespective of the facility in which the outreach took place. Here one is able to hear testimonies from the resident participants what the Kairos weekend has meant to them.

We look forward to you becoming a volunteer for Christ within Kairos.